Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boost Your Health Series : Stretch out the kinks of winter!

On March 10th, a blustery day of snow mixed with rain, I taught a workshop at McGill University's Presbyterian College as a part of the Boost Your Health Series. Unfortunately McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Bloom could not attend but Jill Barker from Athletics and a large number of McGill staff were on hand to "Stretch out the kinks of winter" - literally.

Because many of us are trapped behind a desk throughout the day, feeling the weight of winter wearing us down (and so far spring has been no exception as Montreal received another dump of snow yesterday), I decided to focus on stretches that can be done in a small amount of time, with no equipment or any need to change into workout gear.

When your day is busy and scheduling a workout seems next to impossible, shift out of work-mode and take 10-20 minutes to refresh yourself. Some movement is always better than no movement and the end result is you feel better. So focus on breathing and moving your spine in all directions: into flexion, extension, lateral movement and rotation. Even the act of raising and lowering your shoulders to release the rhomboids, or rolling your arms forward and back can help to stretch out the pecs that tighten while sitting hunched in front of the computer, er... while stationed in an ergonomically correct position at the keyboard... You only have one body, take care of yourself!

Here's a PDF outline of the stretches covered:

Stretch out the kinks of Winter!

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